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Artist Collection

As part of our Private Collection, Grounded curates works of art that inspire us with extension of creativity through various platforms within the interior space.

Grounded is very excited to be collaborating with the Australian contemporary artist, Melinda Blair Paterson. 

Melinda Aldridge, Grounded's founder, was instantly drawn to the visual expressiveness and colour palette's of Melinda's work, and we are now curating six of these stunning contemporary works into various sized luxury wool and bamboo silk pieces.  The custom and one off pieces will be the pinnacle of 100% natural luxury fibres meeting art to produce a stunning avant-garde collection titled "MELINDA X MELINDA", The Artist Collection.

We have just commenced the wool selection and production process for these designs that will be coming off the loom in Bhadohi, India, September. Please contact us should you wish to reserve a piece. In the interim, please let us introduce you to Melinda Blair Paterson...



melinda blair paterson

abstract artist  |  Byron Bay  |  Australia

When I come to create I often fall into a quiet contemplation and meditative space, and in that, my mind will often simply surrender to the deeper presence of silence, stillness and spaciousness. It is here that I wait for the intention, the vision, or the inference of the ‘next step’ of my art practice.

The movement to the creating is intuitive. Sometimes it occurs daily, other times weeks may go by. It does not seem to be a movement from the mind, but rather from the body. A somewhat organic process.

Over the years my creativity has explored many forms: painting, textiles, drawing, collage and printmaking. However, in 2017 I committed to painting from a deeper contemplation of stillness, silence and spaciousness culminating in a new body of work being exhibited in 2018. In this exploration I am inspired by the works of Agnes Martin, Mark Rothko and the humble works used as visual aids in meditation from Rajasthan, India, compiled in the book ‘Tantra Song’ by French poet, Frank André Jamme.

Over the last few years I have learned the value of slow, quiet and simple; and how these can inform and enrich my work.